Chelseaa s manager Jose Mourinho has issued a direct warning to rivals Manchester United and Arsenal . to stay away from his players as he refuses to allow Petr Cech a move to a rival English Premier League club.

Jose Mourinho seems to have accepted that the decision regarding Petr Cecha s future will ultimately be taken by owner Roman Abramovich but insisted that he wasna t keen on letting the goal-keeper join a rival club. Chelseaa s boss went to issue a direct warning to rivals Arsenal and Manchester United claiming that if they were to target his players this summer, the move will be reciprocated by Chelsea.

a Ia m different. I have the same respect for Petr that everybody at the club has, but my answer (to a proposed move to a rival club) would be- a No way.a If the answer (Abramovich) is different I will accept that. But at every club that is interested in Petr, I can find a player that I like in that team, too.a

Though Mourinho seems to have accepted Petr Cecha s decision and the fact that his future would be decided by Abramovich and not Mourinho himself, he is still insistent on complicating the deal for Chelseaa s a loyala goal-keeper. Mourinho hinted that Abramovich respects Petr Cecha s loyalty towards the club and hence is likely to allow him to join either Arsenal or Manchester United. However the Portuguese had made his thoughts on the matter decisively clear. It now remains to be seen if Abramovich will choose to antagonize Mourinho after the Portuguese won him the English Premier League.