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England May Not Win The World Cup Anytime Soon– Here’s Why

With England coming 31st out of the 32 teams who participated in this year’s FIFA World Cup, one wonders why a team of global superstars playing in the richest and most popular league in the world cannot do any better than crash out of the tournament so early. Let us look at 5 reasons which may shed light on this. Read more »


Manchester United And Adidas: What’s the big deal?

Last week English giants Manchester United confirmed a 10-year kit deal with Adidas worth a staggering $1.3 billion. That puts United’s annual sponsorship earning from this deal alone at about $128 million. The next highest kit sponsorship in World football is Adidas’ deal with Spanish heavyweights Real Madrid, estimated to earn the Madrid outfit an estimated $49 million per year, a paltry sum in comparison. This deal has far and wide reaching consequences not only for Manchester United and Adidas but for many other parties. We take a closer look. Manchester United are obviously the biggest gainers from this deal. A major step up from the annual $41 million that United were receiving hitherto from Nike, the deal adds to the coffers already swollen from the Chevrolet deal that was struck up almost 2 years ago and came into effect this season. The US based auto major GM has committed a deal worth over $600 million for a period of […] Read more »