Can Tyler Blackett fit into the Louis Van Gaal revolution?

With a change in system at Manchester United under new manager Louis Van Gaal a lot of players will feel this is the time to make their mark, none more so than 20 year old Tyler Blackett. Whenever there is a new man at the helm, in any walk of life, in any profession, those under him generally feel that they have to start again, to prove to their boss that they deserve to be in his plans and can be counted upon at all times. This period can be quite unsettling for some of the old timers who could think that there is nothing for them to prove, but in the back of their minds they slowly realize that to make the cut they must deliver. But this kind of a change also offers an opportunity to two other groups. The first group is made up of the youngsters & the newcomers who finally have a chance to showcase […] Read more »


Premier League Review – Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool start off with wins while Manchester United lose

The Premier League kicked off this weekend and while there were not a lot of goals there was plenty of late drama. Yes, the World Cup was great with a lot of goals and the emergence of new superstars but nothing compares to watching the Premier League. And after 3 months one finally got to see some fast paced and end to end football. Manchester City, Arsenal & Chelsea – 3 teams who along with Chelsea are looking to win the league this season got off to winning starts where as the reign of Louis Van Gaal got off to a nightmare start as Manchester United lost out to Swansea at Old Trafford. Louis Van Gaal faces a huge challenge After winning all 6 of their pre-season games Manchester United and new manager Louis Van Gaal must have been confident about getting a positive result at home against Swansea. In reality though, the situation turned out to be quite different, […] Read more »