Manchester Uniteda s pursuit of Sergio Ramos has suffered a serious blow after Real Madrid president Florentino P rez told the defender that he is not for sale under any circumstances as per reports in the Guardian.


Manchester United had tabled a bid of A?28.6 million for Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, which was rejected immediately by the Los Blancos.

Securing a defender is on top of the cluba s agenda, with Sergio Ramos said to be their priority target.

Reports emerging from Spanish Paper Marca recently claimed that the English club want Sergio Ramos to push for a move away from Real Madrid and make his stance publicly clear following recent quotes by manager Rafael Benitez that the player is certain to stay at the club with president Fiorentino Perez also set to meet him in order to persuade him to stay.

Perez met with Ramos, told him he is not for sale

Florentino Perez has concluded that meeting with Sergio Ramos, now. The Real Madrid president met him in China and told the player he is not for sale under any circumstance as per the Guardian.

The reports from the English paper says:

Florentino P rez told the defender that he would not be sold under any circumstances, during a long meeting in Guangzhou, China.

Although there are still five weeks of the transfer window remaining, the belief from some quarters is that Ramosa s departure is now impossible and United are considering their next move. Ramos has not agreed a contract renewal at the Bernab u and it is not yet clear whether he has finally given up on the move.

The meeting, which ran into Sunday night, was attended by P rez, Ramos, Jos A?ngel SA?nchez, Madrida s chief executive, and Ramosa s brother and agent, Ren . Ramos reiterated his desire to join United, who have made two formal bids for the defender, but P rez outright refused to countenance a sale. With two years left on his current contract, Ramosa s ability to force Madrida s hand is limited. It is the club, ultimately, who hold sway.

Sergio Ramos wants to stay or not?

Despite reports from the Guardian stating the player stating he wanted to leave and join Manchester United, Ramos has publicly come out and hinted he wants to stay at the club with the player stating that . he is not negotiating with other clubs.

Sergio Ramos’ team-mates Pepe and Modric as well as manager Rafa Benitez have stated that the player wants to stay.

The Guardian, themselves, in a report earlier this month claimed that the player preferred a stay at Real Madrid.

So the conflicting report does add to the confusion that what exactly does the player want. But, one thing is for sure, that Real Madrid clearly do not want to sell him with Perez himself hinting that Sergio Ramos could stay put at Real Madrid.

On the day Real Madrid sold Casillas, P rez said that he had allowed Casillas to leave because that had been the playera s desire. Asked if that applied to other footballers, with Sergio Ramos saga unfolding during the time, he replied: a there are some players with contracts who want to go who will not be allowed to.a

Sergio Ramos is yet to be offered a new deal by Real Madrid and his contract runs till 2017. The confirmation in this see-saw saga would come only when Sergio Ramos signs a new deal with Real Madrid or does finally publicly make it clear that he wants to move to Manchester United, as reportedly the English club wants.