Rafael Benitez has dismissed Manchester Uniteda s interest in captain Sergio Ramos by stating that the Spaniard will be staying with Real Madrid . for the upcoming season. Benitez conceded his respect for Louis Van Gaal but categorically denied the idea of Sergio Ramos leaving Madrid this summer while choosing to stay mum over David De Gea.

Sergio Ramos Will Remain Our Player: Rafael Benitez

Though Sergio Ramos and Florentino Perez have kept quiet over the issue surrounding his future at Real Madrid, Rafael Benitez emphatically insisted that the Spaniard was going to stay with the club this summer.

a He’s the captain and I’d like him to be with us at the beginning of the season because he’s a crucial, fundamental player. As the coach I want him to stay 100%, it’s extremely important for everyone. From my point of view, he’s 100% staying. It’s that clear to me, and I think to the club too. Sergio will remain our player and hopefully we’ll be able to talk about him scoring key goals like he’s done in the past.”

Benitez publicly acknowledged Manchester Uniteda s interest in signing Sergio Ramos after Van Gaal earlier conceded the possibility of United being a in the processa of signing the Spaniard.

a I have a lot of respect for Van Gaal, but what concerns me is Sergio continuing here. I respect him, but Sergio is staying with us.”

'I Respect Van Gaal But Sergio Ramos Is Staying With Usa  : Rafael Benitez

‘I Respect Van Gaal But Sergio Ramos Is Staying With Usa : Rafael Benitez

Reports from Spain suggest that Florentino Perez is set to hold a talksa with Sergio Ramos in the second leg of Real Madrida s pre-season tour in China. Despite his stand-off with Ramos, Perez cannot afford to publicly lose another captain this summer after being criticized for letting go of Iker Casillas in a deplorable fashion.

I Have Nothing To Say To Say About David De Gea

At the same time, Rafael Benitez chose to remain quiet over David De Gea as Real Madrid and Manchester United continue to negotiate over the goal-keeper.

“He’s (David De Gea) not our player, I have nothing to say.”

Real Madrid seem to be biding their time with regards to David De Gea hoping that the goal-keeper would be able to a storma his way out of Old Trafford later this summer. However it seems that Manchester United are insistent on playing a hard-balla over David De Gea and will not concede to Real Madrid unless Sergio Ramos is made a part of the transfer proposal. With Florentino Perez not keen on letting go of his new captain, it looks like Manchester United will be able to retain David De Gea for another season at Old Trafford.

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