As the Sergio Ramos-David De Gea transfer saga drags on, Rafael Benitez has confirmed that Real Madrid President Florentino Perez will sit down with Sergio Ramos in order to convince him to decline Manchester Uniteda s advances.

Florentino Perez To Meet With Sergio Ramos, Says Rafael Benitez

With Manchester United keen on signing Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid, Benitez revealed that the defender is due to meet with the President in order to solve the contract negotiation deadlock.

a During dinner, the president told me that they were going to have a private chat but I havena t had the chance to talk to either of them yet.a

Touring China ahead of the start of the season, reports revealed that Florentino Perez is keen on resolving Sergio Ramosa situation at the club in order to retain his services for the upcoming season. Having earned a bad reputation for the manner in which the club dealt with Iker Casillas’ departure, Perez is keen to prevent the situation with Sergio Ramos from escalating.

If Ramos Stays Put, Will De Gea Still Be Allowed To Leave Old Trafford?

Rafael Benitez had earlier commented . on Sergio Ramosa future stating that the defender would not be allowed to leave the club. In the wake of Casillasa departure, Sergio Ramos has taken up the captaincy and Real Madrid cannot afford to lose two captains in one summer.

Florentino Perez To Meet With Sergio Ramos To Resolve Concerns Regarding His Future

Florentino Perez To Meet With Sergio Ramos In China

If Real Madrid convince Sergio Ramos to refuse Manchester Uniteda s advances, the club will have to give up on the prospect of bringing David De Gea to Santiago Bernabeu. Reports suggest that Manchester United are not ready to negotiate with Real Madrid for the goal-keeper unless Ramos is made a part of the deal. Real Madrid have also reportedly refused to meet Manchester Uniteda s asking price for the goal-keeper which means that this transfer-saga has no end in sight.

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