One Response to “Transfer News: Arsenal, Newcastle United, Barcelona vying for Anthony Martial”

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  1. pete arnold says:

    Looks like the players that Jose Mourino wanted to get rid of eg Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba are at last on their way out (hooray for that).
    I find it incredible that a player under contract (paul pogba) is allowed to live a life elsewhere (supposed treatment) whilst claiming to be injured (perhaps he is). All players should be compelled to attend training sessions (even if unable to participate) at their owners clubs to prevent them taking the mickey!! The ridiculous ongoing saga (which Mr nice guy helped perpetuate) regarding Paul Pogba should have been well and truly sorted during Jose Mourinos reign (which to be fair to him he tried to sell Pogba but was apparently blocked).
    I keep seeing that Mr nice guy is a superb man manager (possible so) but he is certainly not a winner. All footballers I have met (even in kids soccer) want to play and want to win – to achieve this discipline, comradeship and footballing skills are needed.

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