One Response to “Transfer Rumour: Barcelona, Real Madrid considering Mohamed Salah swoop”

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  1. Alan Phillips says:

    I am sure that both Spanish clubs would like to buy Salah and it is possible that that Salah may like to go. Given that both Clubs are financially unstable and given that Coutinho cost £142m, what would it cost to buy Salah and how would they pay for him upfront given that LFC would need the money immediately to buy replacements?

    I think this story is more about Spanish aspirations to placate and give false hope to their fans.

    As an LFC fan I personally would not be worried if the deal happened and I think that it may be to Salah’s disadvantage to go, do players not learn from other experiences that it might not work out for the, just look at Coutinho currently at in the cold and longing to be back at Liverpool.

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