Charged with the accusation of lacking commitment towards Manchester United, former Barcelona goal-keeper V ctor Vald s hit back at manager Louis Van Gaal on social media.

Van Gaal Confirms Vald s’ Exit As Goal-Keeper Refused To Follow His Philosophy

After dropping V ctor Vald s from the pre-season tour, Van Gaal revealed that the goal-keeper refused to play for the second team despite being given a chance to rehabilitate at the club. Van Gaal confirmed V ctor Vald sa exit from Manchester United while admitting that issue regarding David De Geaa s future remained unsolved.

a Yeah, for us it is a big disappointment. We thought he [V ctor Vald s] will follow our philosophy but it is a pity because we have given him an opportunity to rehabilitate and then we gave him a contract. Then when he is fit to play and when you are not playing in the first selection [team] you have to play in the second. He refused that.a

V ctor Vald s Took To Twitter To Indicate His Participation In The Reserve-Team Matches

Following these accusations, V ctor Vald s put up a picture on Twitter that seemed to challenge Van Gaala s comments on the situation. The picture, which is a collection of photographs indicating his participation in the reserve-team matches, was accompanied with a cryptic message that seemed to indicate that V ctor Vald s didna t feel respected at Manchester United.

Van Gaala s comments regarding V ctor Vald s comes a day after the goal-keeper took to Twitter to declare that he was a working harda for the coming season.

With his stay at Manchester United being cut short by the Dutchman, it will be interesting to see what the future has in store for the former Barcelona goal-keeper. Valencia are reportedly interested in his services amongst rumours suggesting that Real Madrid could sign him in case a deal for David De Gea falls through this summer.