In an attempt to hit back at Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho for criticizing the salary Porto were allegedly paying Iker Casillas, President Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa has revealed that Real Madrid are paying more than two thirds of Iker Casillas‘ salary following his transfer from the Spanish capital.

Looking to sign David De Gea from Manchester United, Real Madrid bid farewell to their long-standing captain after Porto expressed an interest in signing Iker Casillas.

Porto are paying less than a third of Iker Casillasa salary a Madrid pay the rest

Portoa s President justified signing Iker Casillas by claiming that Mourinhoa s concerns regarding the goal-keepera s salary were unfounded as Real Madrid continued to contribute towards his salary.

“I wonder what any other club in the world would prefer: to have Fabiano and Andr s FernA?ndez, or to have Iker Casillas? I believed it was better to have Casillas. Mourinho tried to have a go at Casillas, but he shot himself in the foot by doing so, as Porto don’t even pay a third of his salary. Real pay the rest.”

The President believes that Iker Casillas still has three to four seasons at the highest level left in him and hence the decision to sign him from Real Madrid was a calculated one.

Speaking about the inflated transfer market, Jose Mourinho had earlier ridiculed Portoa s decision to sign Iker Casillas from Real Madrid due to the Spaniarda s exorbitant salary.

“I cannot believe that Porto have paid a 20m for Imbula and are paying Casillas an incredible salary. This kind of spending breaks all rules.”

Jose Mourinho famously fell out with Iker Casillas during his tenure at Real Madrid after he benched the World Cup winner in favour of Adan. The Portuguese then went on to sign Diego Lopez who replaced Casillas for the rest of the season while remaining Carlo Ancelottia s preferred option in the next season.


Iker Casillas broke down during his farewell speech at Real Madrid

Iker Casillas broke down during his farewell speech at Real Madrid

However, this revelation reflects Real Madrida s desperation to get rid of Iker Casillas, further supported by the manner in which the captain was pushed out of Santiago Bernabeu. It is perceived that Real Madrid did so in order to make room for David De Gea but with the transfer negotiations seeming to reach a deadlock with Manchester United, it will be interesting to see if their decision comes back to haunt Real Madrid in the upcoming season.

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