According to reports, Manchester United are set to lose the battle for David De Gea who will make his way to Real Madrid this summer, a move that is likely to end Iker Casillasa tenure at the Spanish capital. However Arsenal seem to have expressed an interest in signing the Spanish captain who is reportedly being encouraged to leave by Real Madrid in order to make way for De Gea.

Real Madrida s interest in David De Gea has been reported widely and the rumours have gathered momentum with Manchester United failing to convince the Spaniard to sign a contract extension at Old Trafford. As Van Gaal admitted, the club has made a big money offer to David De Gea but the final decision remains with the goal-keeper.

It has been reported that though David De Gea and his family are well settled at Manchester United, the player is tempted by the offer to return to his hometown in Spain which will see him join the illustrious Champions League winning team. If David De Gea were to establish himself as a starter for Real Madrid, the move is likely to be consequently followed by a promotion in the national team where he could inherit the position from captain Iker Casillas.

But reports suggest that De Gea is likely to avoid a move to Real Madrid as it will involve a direct confrontation with the club captain Iker Casillas, who is widely believed to be a darling of the Spanish Press. Despite being the better keeper, Diego Lopez was pushed out of Real Madrid last season with Casillas claiming his position in the starting line-up despite a miserable performance in the Champions League finals and the World Cup in Brazil. If De Gea were to move to Madrid, it will be inevitable that the media will analyse his performances in detail as he will be seen as a usurper at Madrid.

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However it seems that Iker Casillas has come to an end at Real Madrid with the club eager to end the association in order to clear the path for David De Gea. Casillas revealed that he would stay at the club even if he lost the starting position but reports suggest that Real Madrid and Arsenal are working on an offer to take the Spaniard to London. Real Madrid are likely to buy-out Iker Casillasa contract which will enable Arsenal to procure his services with Arsene Wenger keen to bring an experienced goal-keeper to the Emirates.