Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has hit out at Real Madrid and Barcelona while claiming that the Presidential elections held at these two clubs are responsible for their instability. Praising current Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti for his work, Ferguson said that the Italian international was a victim of Real Madrida s Presidential elections.

Speaking in favour of Carlo Ancelotti, Alex Ferguson opined that the former Chelsea manager was one of his biggest opponents while claiming that the top job at Real Madrid was difficult due to the frequent Presidential elections.

“I think these types of jobs are difficult, particularly if there are elections coming up. Real Madrid and Barcelona have elections every third year I think it is.a

According to Sir Alex Ferguson, who had earlier commented that managing Real Madrid was akin to managing a circus, the cluba s Presidential elections are dependent on the players the candidates can promise to buy and the managers they can a sacka .

“It doesn’t matter who the manager is. The election for a new president will be based on the success of the football team and what player he can buy and what coach he is going to sack. There’s no doubt it works that way, but I don’t think Carlo is under pressure. He probably is, because of the dynamics of that kind of football club.a

However Alex Ferguson believes that he is not worried regarding Ancelottia s future as he is one of the best managers who will have plenty of suitors in case he faces the sack at Santiago Bernabeu.

“But for me, Carlo is one of the best coaches I’ve ever come across and one of my biggest opponents. So I wouldn’t worry about his future, that’s for sure.a

“Carlo is a top man. I was over at the Real Madrid game with Schalke and he was fantastic. I can’t say enough about that man. He is top drawer, a fantastic human being and a great coach.”

Can Neymar Live Up To His Potential?

Can Neymar Live Up To His Potential?

Sir Alex Ferguson also praised Brazilian international Neymar who he believes has the potential to develop into another Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Former Manchester United boss however claimed that Neymar is far from having realized his true potential.

“The boy Neymar gets a lot of publicity about the potential he’s got, but I think that’s still to be seen, still to be fulfilled. Certainly, most people I speak to speak highly of the boy. When I had Anderson at United, he spoke volumes about the boy’s ability. So hopefully he’ll be the next one who’ll produce the type of talent we see in Messi and Ronaldo.a

“You’ll always look at clubs like Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United to produce that kind of player you’re talking about, but to be honest, I’m not sure there’s one sticking out at the moment.”