5 Responses to “Arsenal vs Brighton Preview: Probable Lineups, Prediction, Tactics, Team News & Key Stats”

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  1. Vincent Jumah says:

    A good line up but they should have to look at Tavarres’s issue.
    Nuno Tavares is costing Arsenal fc alot
    They need to change him with someone else who can hold that tightly.

  2. Goodmanson Simon says:

    ARS 3~1 BRI
    Saka, Odegaard, Rowe, Murpay

  3. Meameh msb says:

    Arsenal need a better left back apart from Tierney and Tavares

  4. Henry says:

    It is time to shift Gabriel Martinelli to number 9 position. Mr. Lacazette is not performing to my expectations, despite his huge footballing experience. I expect him to run behind those defenders, take on defenders and be a constant threat on ground and air, but I have not seen that happening. He has a tendency of being caught in the midfield whenever the wingers drive the ball forward with lightening speed, only to cross the ball to opposition defenders in the box.

  5. byaruhanga oscar says:

    I will watch. all my eyes on martineli

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