Thomas Tuchel has opined on Chelsea’s impending sale and what impact it could have on the club.

Chelsea have been hit hard during the whole Russia-Ukraine crisis, with the spotlight on club owner Roman Abramovich. The Russian billionaire has come under the scanner of the UK Government due to his ties with Vladimir Putin.

In light of this, Abramovich decided to step away from the running of the club, handing over control to the trustees of the club foundation. The move has since been widely slammed by critics, as everyone waited on a further course of action.

Abramovich has now put up the club for sale and wants out quickly to avoid further complications with the UK Government. Such a move is set to hurt the future of the club. Thomas Tuchel has already warned reporters not to ask him about political issues, although he did opine about the situation with the sale of the club.

In his comments on Sky Sports, Tuchel spoke vividly about the situation. He said, “It’s a bit too early because it’s big news. It’s a bit too early to talk because I can only think about Chelsea with Roman Abramovich.

“So it’s very hard for me. It hasn’t sunk in yet that this is going to stop. It’s a massive change, of course. We did not talk about it [before the Luton match]. We did not talk about it; we accepted it. The players have internet connections; they watch TV, so they know they get messages. But still, we focused on the preparation only on sports.

“And maybe some players are more affected, some less, but in the end, we managed to focus, grow into this game and find the key to win it. I don’t think I need to talk about it; I don’t know as much as maybe you think. I’m not a CEO or member of the board. So, I’m very sure the club will speak to the players and us.

“I’m not so much worried because I still feel privileged and in a good place. And I still hope and trust for the best. I’m not so much the person who worries about things I cannot influence. It’s big news, it will be a big change, but I’m also never afraid of change, and will focus on what I can influence, and this is staff and team at Cobham,” he added.

Several interested parties have already emerged as potential buyers for Chelsea, with Abramovich hoping to sell the club for around £4 billion. A takeover could be finalised in the coming days.

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