Former Liverpool star Jose Enrique has ripped into Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo following his latest controversy at Goodison Park.

As quoted by Daily Mirror, former Liverpool full-back Jose Enrique has spoken out against Cristiano Ronaldo following the controversy surrounding the Manchester United forward’s latest antic.

The legendary 37-year-old forward returned to Old Trafford last summer to much fanfare as the Red Devils looked to challenge for the Premier League title. It turned out to be a faux pas, and Manchester United are now fighting for a spot in next season’s UEFA Champions League.

Ronaldo has set himself high standards throughout his career, and it is clear that the mediocrity that he is surrounded with at Old Trafford has left him unhappy. Unfortunately, it manifested itself on the field last weekend following Manchester United’s stunning 1-0 loss to Everton at Goodison Park.

Ronaldo was seen swatting a young boy’s hand, leading to the phone falling onto the ground. The incident has since picked up traction, leading to both the Merseyside Police and the player issuing separate statements. The Premier League are also looking into the incident.

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Enrique, a former Liverpool player has now weighed in and has admitted in no uncertain terms that he is not a fan of Ronaldo. It is fair to say that the weekend’s incident will have done little to change the Spaniard’s opinion.

“I always said it. Don’t like him. He believes [he] is god and can do whatever he wants.”

The Spaniard has no issues about Ronaldo’s legacy in the game, but believes the player’s holier than thou attitude rubs off badly. It is easy for Enrique to make such a claim, given the fierce rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United.

“That doesn’t take that [he has] been one of the best players in the history of football but as a person [I] don’t like him.”

Ronaldo, for his part, has little defence for his antics and has, if anything, shot himself in the foot. While he might have apologised, it does not excuse him, a professional footballer with loads of experience, acting like a petulant child.

While Ronaldo’s frustration at the Red Devils’ struggles is understandable, he is also part of the problem and should be looking to make a difference on the pitch. Directing his frustrations elsewhere is a bad look for both the player and the club.

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