10 Responses to “Transfer News: Manchester United in advanced stages to sign Ruben Neves”

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  1. Neves has already said that he doesn’t want to go to Arsenal.

  2. Either with departure of Pogba or Not,
    Neves is needed in that squad for more
    Solidification. Remember, injury can set in at any time.
    The board should everything in their disposal to get Neves, his qualities will really help Manchester United.

  3. Timothy Finian says:

    Pogba either goes this season or the next on a free, despite his ability, goals I would be glad when he is gone, good luck to whoever buys him & the garbage he & mino bring

  4. Mathews k Tjangano says:

    Ofcourse, even Paul pogba not leaving the team, Neves must welcome him to our team

  5. Richie says:

    Very true……he behaves like a no replacable player in the team…he can pack and fly

  6. Joel says:

    Neves is really a very good player manu needed him long time ago

  7. Fancho says:

    Injuries is 90% a concern in Man …one player out on injury lives a huge difference to the team…so Neves is muchly needed.

  8. Kevin wilson says:

    Pogba and his agent should both pack up and go

  9. Rohit Baramdoyal says:

    If a player has his mind set elsewhere, what’s the purpose of convincing him to stay? The earlier he’s gone the better it will be for both planning ahead and strategy.
    I will be too glad to let him go.

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