Two people in the Manchester United dressing room have a lot of influence, especially when it comes to songs played before and after matches. 

Veteran midfielder Ashley Young has taken over the responsibilities of dressing room DJ at Manchester United after the departure of Patrice Evra. He recently revealed that David De Gea is a metal head and manager Louis van Gaal is a house music fan, as he spoke about this very demanding responsibility that he has taken up for the team.

“I’ve been told by the manager I can only play funky house or house music,” said Young, according to Goal.

“Seriously that’s what he likes. That’s what’s on the playlist.”

However, Spaniard and star goalkeeper De Gea is more into the hard stuff and given that he’s been the best player of the team for the past two seasons, Young has no choice but to acquiesce to his demands.

“There’s a bit of conflict between myself and David De Gea, he’s just got some crazy taste in music,” he said.

“It’s either dancing and Spanish stuff or it’s heavy metal, loud shouting and banging, just crazy to be honest. Whenever he puts the heavy metal on, a few people are looking around thinking ‘alright, we need to get out of here’.”

Van Gaal will have to face the music at the end of the season

Manchester United press conference


Louis van Gaal might like to keep it funky in the dressing room, but he will have to face the music at the end of the season if either the FA Cup or the top 4 are missed. The Red Devils are currently in fifth position, with just three games to go in which they must overturn the 5 point difference between them, Arsenal and Manchester City.

Manchester United do have an FA Cup final to look forward to though, with Crystal Palace standing in the way of them and their first Cup triumph since 2004. But even the FA Cup would not be enough to ensure Van Gaal stays at Old Trafford as manager next season if they miss out on the Champions League.

With metal head David de Gea putting in such inspired performances, maybe it’s time for the Dutch manager to head bang to some of the good stuff.

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