Relegation zone-Sunderland FC stunned Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United FC, emerging as the victors in a 2-1 scoreline and steering away 3 important points from their visitors.

Chasing 1-0 right from the 3rd minute, Manchester United finally equalised in the first half courtesy of a clinical finish by Anthony Martial in the 39th minute. But the continuous pressure from the home side in the second half bore fruit in the 82nd minute when a header from an unmarked Kone skipped past United’s star-keeper David de Gea and made it into the back of the net, even though Martial tried to chip it elsewhere from the line.

In the post-match press conference the Red Devil’s boss said, “No, I am not under more pressure now. I have to do my work and I do my work to the utmost best and I cannot do more.”

Van Gaal is shocked by the result and blames the squad and the staff for the defeat

Manchester United FC boss Louis van Gaal said, “Yes of course. I think what I said before the game, we have to win this kind of game, we can blame only ourselves. I think Sunderland had more aggression than us and we could not cope with that aggression.”

“It will be very difficult now because we give five points away so it’s too much at this time,” he added.

The Reds’ boss is of the opinion that even though they’ve lost a lot of important points, they need to look ahead and prepare for the upcoming Premier League and Europa league fixtures.

“I shall prepare my players at 100% for the Europa League. I think after this match that is the best route but it is not easy because a lot of good teams are in this event.”

Wayne Rooney expressed his dismay in the post-match press conference

“Don’t think we created enough chances, weren’t aggressive enough. Disappointing result. It’ll be difficult to qualify for Champions League and the top four now so it’s a sad day for us in terms of losing the three points and we have to somehow move on,” Wayne Rooney said in the post-match interview.

Manchester United have only won five of their 14 away games this season, garnering a total of 19 points from them. Although they’ve had a strong defence this season, conceding 24 goals in 26 matches.

But their offence needs more pace and better finish, considering they’ve only scored one more goal that Sunderland who are currently in the relegation zone at the 18th spot.

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