Everton striker Romelu Lukaku is justifying his 28 million pound price tag with each passing match. He has recently spoken on how he deals with the weight of expectations and scrutiny directed at him.

At 22 years old, the Belgian forward has had a flying start to his career at Everton in the past couple of seasons, since moving from Chelsea in 2014. Lukaku has established himself as one of the most feared forwards in the Premier League, even at this tender age. This has opened him up to a lot of pressure to keep coming up with good perfomances, and he recently said that he looks to two of La Liga’s best when it comes to silencing the critics.

“I would say people forget sometimes… I am only seven months older than Ross [Barkley]. I am judged differently because I have had two big moves. But I can understand that, I can understand people’s expectations.”, the 22-year-old said, according to the Telegraph.

“In fact it’s really good at the moment and especially for my age but I just know it’s part of the game. Players like Messi… look at Neymar. Neymar is not much older than me but he gets tonnes of criticism if he does not play well. So if one day I aspire to be like one of them when why should I complain now? Just take it.”

The beast that the Blues let go

The Belgian hit-man has notched up 16 goals for Everton this season, and one can’t help but question Chelsea’s decision to sell off such a promising young talent. He’s not the only ex-Blues Belgian setting the premier League on fire, his compatriot Kevin de Bruyne has been playing brilliantly at Manchester City as well. The two of them may well come back to haunt Chelsea, as they now ply their trade for two of the Blues’ league rivals.

Lukaku was sold to Everton in 2104 for a Toffees’ club record of 28 million pounds, after having a successful season with them on loan the previous year. Chelsea would have been glad to have had him in their corner with Costa’s faltering form for most of this season, Falcao’s disappointing stint, and Loic Remy’s inability to make it into the starting XI.

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