The Belgian play maker was one of the biggest under performers for Chelsea this season under Jose Mourinho, and he recently expressed his feelings of guilt for his poor showing and stated that he apologised to his former manager.

Eden Hazard was one of the trio of Chelsea players, alongside Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa, who were lambasted by fans after the club’s most successful Premier League manager Jose Mourinho was sacked.

The Belgian talent, who was out with injury when the hammer finally fell on the Portugese manager, has recently spoken about how he has been dealing with troubling times and his disappointing season.

“I sent him the message to say I was sorry he had gone and … well … just that I was sorry,” said Hazard, according to The Guardian.

“We’d enjoyed all that success together last season, but this time round we hadn’t. I felt a little bit guilty because I’d been player of the year. I’d been one of the most decisive players, and this year I’d performed less well.

The shadow of the Blues

Eden Hazard finally discovered how to score goals again, breaking his 30-match dry spell by slotting in a penalty against Championship club MK Dons in the FA Cup. It was symbolic of Chelsea’s fortunes this season, with their top performer from last time around finding his form only now, more than halfway through the season.

Hazard has had an injury plagued season to be fair, but the likes of Diego Costa, who has tripled his tally for the season after Mourinho’s departure, are bound to raise a few eyebrows regarding the professionalism of the players.

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