Chelsea FC are on the lookout for a new manager after the sacking of Jose Mourinho, with Guus Hiddink stepping down as interim manager at the end of the season. But it looks like it won’t be this Premier League coach, who seemed frustrated with reporters linking him to Chelsea.

Southampton manager Ronald Koeman may not be considered a high profile European manager, but he has the experience of managing clubs like Ajax, Benfica and Valencia. Koeman has also done a pretty good job with Southampton, considering the number of key players they’ve lost over the past couple of summers.

But it looks like he has no interest in managing Chelsea FC right now, when asked about whether he was interested in the manger’s job at Stamford Bridge, after his club’s 1-0 victory over Manchester United.

“I continue at Southampton and I still have one year on my contract. After that, who knows. I didn’t say anything about Chelsea, I got asked about Chelsea and about Hiddink so I answered,” he said, according to

“It’s all bulls***.”

All in good humor

The links to Chelsea FC started doing the rounds after Koeman had stated in an earlier interview that he would speak to fellow Dutchman and present Blues manager Guus Hiddink about the job. He had said in an interview with Dutch radio station Radio 538: “If Guus puts a good word in for me, that would be a big influence.” []

But it looks like Koeman was just joking, but he does harbor ambitions of managing a top club one day.

“I always want to achieve the highest possible level,” he added. “That has happened in Holland and that’s what I’d really like to achieve abroad. It is certainly something that I always have at the back of my mind.”, he added.

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