The roller coaster ride at Anfield finally came to a stop with the final scoreline being 3-3 between Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC, but it seems Professor Arsene Wenger had to calm down his boisterous counterpart Jurgen Klopp during the match.


German manager Jurgen Klopp is not one who is known to keep his emotions in check, and he has already been a mixed bag of screams, joy and frustration at Anfield since taking over from Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool FC. In fact, he is quite the contrast to the calm, composed French veteran of the Premier League — Arsene Wenger.

During the tight draw between Liverpool and Arsenal FC, Klopp was at his exuberant best and the senior manager in Wenger had to step in to calm him down.

“I told him ‘calm down because they will send you into the stands here’,” said a smiling Wenger, according to

“At Liverpool, it is very tight – you are very close to each other… He had a little problem with the fourth official that he will explain much better than I can because I don’t know why… It was all right, there was no bad feelings at all.”

It’s open season

Arsenal FC needed to win this match to keep ahead of their close adversaries for the title Manchester City and Leicester City, but the draw at Anfield means that the Foxes have caught up with the Gunners and they are now both on 43 points, with the Gunners only on top of the table thanks to goal difference.

This is turning out to be one of the most unpredictable seasons in the Premier League ever and nobody can seem to break free from the rest of the pack. Looks like it’s open season for the title.

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