Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos made the mistake of taking a dig at Brazil fans the world over with his New Year’s day tweet

The German isn’t exactly known for courting controversy, but he did exactly that with his first tweet of the year 2017. Kroos made a reference to the World Cup 2014 semi-final, where Germany defeated Brazil by a scoreline of 7-1.

The Real Madrid midfielder placed the flags of Germany and Brazil over the digits 1 and 7 respectively, to evoke the bitter memories of that day.

It wasn’t very sporting of Kroos, and he was schooled by one of his current club’s former greats in ex-Brazilian striker Ronaldo.

Germany may have won the 2014 World Cup, but Ronaldo reminded Kroos of what had happened 12 years earlier. In the 2002 World Cup, Ronaldo had scored a brace in the final to help Brazil defeat Germany 2-0.

On Facebook, he referenced this in response to Kroos’ Tweet and absolutely destroyed the young midfielder.

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