A video has emerged from last night’s friendly game in Brazil between Neymar and friends and Robinho and friends.

As expected from a friendly game involving Robinho and Neymar, there were plenty of skills and showboating on display. One particular moment stood out when Neymar – who is currently on something of a goal-drought with Barcelona – was on the ball.

Neymar received the ball and defender Fred, who attempted to close him down, instead fell to his knees and begged Neymar not to embarrass him. Neymar seemed to gesture saying don’t worry I won’t, before rather hilariously completely bamboozling Fred and taking the ball past him with ease.

Unfortunately, Neymar’s move didn’t end in a goal which would have been the cherry on top of that moment, but it was still a pretty amusing moment from the game.

A video of the incident can be seen below :


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