The 39 year old Roma legend gave another special performance to give his side a much needed win against Torino.

Football has produced many legends over the years, but those loyal to their respective clubs are rare. Francesco Totti is one such player, but has been largely an outcast this season after falling out of favour with Rudi Garcia.

Things didn’t take a turn for the better even with the return of Luciano Spalletti who only gave cameo appearances for the veteran, that too in the dying minutes of matches.

Having been denied the pivotal role he once used to play for the club due to declining physical fitness and pace, Totti has found himself increasingly fading away in the shadows. Amidst rumours that Roma directors do not plan to renew his contract, fans expected him to get a position on the coaching stuff.

But the old war horse showed once again that old age doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Roma were trailing 2 goals to 1 when Totti entered the game in the dying minutes. And he did this in the 86th minute.

And then again on the 89th minute, this happened.


Totti has managed to save head coach Luciano Spaletti’s blushes for a third successive week with a cameo appearance. Totti, perhaps, is bowing out of the beautiful game in the same fashion as his compatriot and long time rival Del Piero did, when the club refused to renew his contract. Del Piero too replied with match saving performances under Conte, who was rumoured to have wanted him out of the club.

This is perhaps the last we are seeing the last of the great Totti in a Roma shirt.

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