East Bengal suffered a huge blow to their title hopes with the 1-0 loss at the hands of Bengaluru FC, but coach Biswajit Bhattacharjee feels that his team can turn things around.

“This is just the fifth round, and no team is bad here.  And Bengaluru FC is one of the best teams. But the way the game was going, we shouldn’t have lost the match,” said Bhattacharjee in the post match press conference.

Bhattacharjee also reiterated the fact that had it not been for the flurry of missed chances, his side might as well have won the match, and gone top of the league.

“We missed a lot of chances. If we keep missing chances like this, there will be a lot of problems. We could have won this match, had we taken our chances,” he said.

However, the East Bengal Coach, who had also played for the club in his younger days, said that although this loss puts his team behind in the title race, they can turn things around with good performances.

“This is not a big barrier for us. All our life, we’ve been negotiating these sort of barriers. Now after this loss you’ll see a lot of character changes. You’ll see a lot of people speaking in a lot of different ways,” said Bhattacharjee. “What we have to do is to come back from this scenario. This team only can do it. We have enough potential to make a comeback.”

Top of the table clash marred by sledging

There was a lot of sledging going on in the technical area between the coaching staff of the two clubs, and this is something that seems to have permeated down to the players as well.

Bengaluru FC and India captain Sunil Chhetri and East Bengal captain Arnab Mondal, who also happen to be teammates in the national side, were also seen exchanging a few heated words after the match. Although Bhattacharjee tried to wave it off, he also said that it was the referee’s duty to stop these sort of things.

“We do not think much about these things, because we know they love to do this sort of things,” said Bhattacharjee. “The referee and the fourth referee were not taking any steps to spot this sledging.”

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