About Us

It is one thing to love football. A whole other thing to do something about it.

TheHardTackle.com’s existence in the world of football has been governed by five P’s. Patience, Persistence and Purpose to draw closer to the ultimate goals – Progress and Permanence.

Two and a half years since its inception on 1st of March, 2010, TheHardTackle has emphatically cemented its place as India’s leading football website with well over 20,000 readers, on an average, every day. Over the last two years, we’ve been a success through our unique take on stories and events in the major European leagues, our unwavering dedication towards covering Indian football from its grassroots to the very top, and our coverage of major International events like the World Cup, the Copa America, the Asian Cup, the African Nations Cup, Euro and the Olympics.


Being a young website, we have overcome a lack of roaming reporters and correspondents through passion, dedication and religious following of the game. We don’t believe in reporting the mindless drivel published across the world. Instead, our concept of super-blogging provides a unique view to help you make sense of the same mindless drivel.

We’ve had correspondents report live from the grounds and we have even penetrated the press box in Indian football stadiums. We have conducted exclusive interviews with top personnel in Indian football and attracted the attention of players and coaches alike, who have tweeted and shared our articles on the web. Our analysis on events from the top leagues in Europe has been duly noted across the world – getting credited on live television by expert commentators. And our dedication has even attracted an increasing number of professional writers and other guest writers to contribute for us during the last two years.

Look out for us, thehardtackle.com is just warming up.

The views expressed on this website are purely those of the authors and in no way represent the official views of the football clubs and countries.