FIFA Vice President Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein has decided to challenge Sepp Blattera s candidature for the upcoming FIFA Presidential elections and has declared himself as a candidate for the top job in football. Prince Ali of Jordan, reportedly, will be supported by UEFA and its president Michel Platini as he seeks to bring change and oust corruption from the governing body.

Prince Ali has decided to contest the Presidential elections due to be held on May 29 in Zurich and though he did not mention Blatter in his statement, made it quite clear that he sought to run an anti-corruption campaign against the current FIFA President.

a This was not an easy decision. It came after careful consideration and many discussions with respected Fifa colleagues over the last few months.a

a The message I heard, over and over, was that it is time for a change. it is time to shift the focus away from administrative controversy and back to sport.a

a The worlda s game deserves a world-class governing body an international federation that is a service organisation and a model of ethics, transparency and good governance.a

According to Prince Ali, his campaign as the FIFA President will seek to bring the attention back to football from the current glare on the football governing body.

“The headlines should be about football, not about Fifa.”

Will Blatter once again come out on top?

Will Blatter once again come out on top?

Prince Alia s candidature is supported by UEFA and its President Michel Platini who is reported to have been pleased by Prince Ali’s decision to run against Sepp Blatter. UEFA has been vocal in its opinion that Blatter should refrain from running for a 5th consecutive Presidentship and is likely to pull its weight behind Prince Ali from Jordan. In a statement, Platini backed the Prince to hold the office for the most important job in the football governing body.

a I know Prince Ali well. He has all the credibility required to hold high office. We now await his proposals and his programme for the future of football.a

FIFA Vice-President Jim Boyce however was less enthusiastic and claims that it was a big surprise to hear about Prince Alia s candidature.

a I got a big surprise when I heard that Prince Ali had decided to stand. I think Prince Ali is probably his own man and maybe he feels it’s something he wants to do and gives people an alternative for the presidential election.”

FIFA has been linked with a string of corruption charges with the World Cup bidding report being the latest charge on Sepp Blatter and his organization. Prosecutor Michael Garcia resigned over the manner in which the report on the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups was handled by FIFA.

It now remains to be seen if Prince Ali is indeed the man to oust Sepp Blatter and unshackle FIFA from from his iron grip. With support from UEFA and Platini, Prince Ali does run a chance to beat Blatter who is under tremendous pressure in the upcoming elections.

Jerome Champagne is the other candidate for the top job at FIFA having already declared his intention to run for Presidency.