According to Marca, Real Madrid are keen to hold on to want-away star Sergio Ramos after Florentino Perez a calleda the defender to initiate dialogue regarding his future. However Sergio Ramos allegedly asked the President to listen to . Manchester Uniteda s offer after explaining his grievance with the club.

Having rejected Manchester Uniteda s initial bid of A?32 million, it seems that Real Madrid are keen to retain Sergio Ramosa services this summer after Florentino Perez reportedly called up the defender to bring an end to the bad blood generated in the past few weeks.

Sergio Ramos met with Managing Director Jose Angel Sanchez on Wednesday and it seems that Florentino Perez called up the defender on Sancheza s recommendation.

However, Marca states that the transfer saga is far from over as Sergio Ramos categorically asked Florentino Perez to listen to any offers made, especially Manchester Uniteda s interest in him. Ramos allegedly revealed the reason for his discontent with the club as Florentino Perez failed to keep his word and award him with a lucrative contract renewal following the Champions League win in Lisbon. Ramos is also believed to have expressed his grievance over the manner in which he was treated by the media along with his brother-agent, Rene.

The report stated- Ramos explained to Florentino that what hurt most is the way he has been treated in the last few weeks. The player is also unhappy about being portrayed as a money-grabber.

Ramos also told the president he isn’t prepared to tolerate the tirade of criticism levelled at him and his brother by certain elements of the media that are pro-Real Madrid, some of which border on the insulting.

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However Florentino Perez aimed at establishing reconciliation with the defender as he reminded him that he was Pereza s first big Spanish signing at Real Madrid and asked the defender to think about his future after his summer break.

Could Real Madrid Hold On To Sergio Ramos Despite Manchester United's Interest?

Can Real Madrid Hold On To Sergio Ramos Despite Manchester United’s Interest?

With Florentino Perez making the first move in this transfer saga, it seems that Real Madrid are keen to hold on to Sergio Ramos and might consider awarding him a renewed contract this summer. However, Sergio Ramos will have a big say in the matter as Manchester United lurk around looking to snatch the defender from Santiago Bernabeu.