Gareth Bale seems to have found himself in a precarious position in his career. Playing for his a dream cluba Real Madrid, the Welshman has been the centre of much criticism at Santiago Bernabeu while at the same time being continuously pursued by English power-houses such as Manchester United and Chelsea. And though there wasna t much substance in these transfer rumours earlier, the comments made by Gareth Balea s agent may well suggest that Bale is indeed itching for a move back to England.

A dismal performance against Juventus in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals led to severe criticism against Gareth Bale. Led by the likes of Roy Keane and Paul Scholes, Bale was singled out for Real Madrida s 2-1 defeat with critics suggesting that such was Balea s influence on the game that it seemed that Real Madrid were playing with just 10 men.

a You say a lack of confidence from Bale but he kept making the easy decision. The reason he’s at Real Madrid is to be brave and get at people.a

“Every time he got at people, even on one v ones, he turned back. His teammates can’t be happy with him because he took the easy option every time.”

However Balea s agent hit back at the critics and labelled Keane a failure before revealing that Gareth Bale was unable to achieve his potential at Madrid because of his team-mates. Agent Jonathan Barnett hit out at the critics suggesting that Gareth Bale will become the best player in the team the day his teams started passing him the ball more.

a Real have to work with Gareth and pass the ball to him more. Give him more of the ball and let him show everybody what he’s good at. He’s going to be the best player at Real Madrid when his team-mates work with him and help him. Hopefully Real will come to terms with this.”

Real Madrid Gareth Bale

Is Gareth Bale Heading Back To England?

However what is crucial is that the agent admitted that Bale was frustrated at Real Madrid. However the agent believes that Bale does not have the temperament to create a fuss and hence was remained quiet.

“Most people would have been broken by this but he is determined. He could have screamed and shouted or knocked on the manager’s office door but he doesn’t want to upset anyone.a

The agent also seemed to hit off a warning to real Madrid by claiming that Bale has many suitors, suggesting that perhaps the Welshman would be open to a move this summer if the team continued to a neglecta him. However he also admitted that Bale us determined to prove himself to be a success at Real Madrid.

“Every top club in the world would want to sign him but he will be at Real Madrid next season. There’s no way he is going anywhere in the summer. When we said he always wanted to play for Real, it was 100 percent true and he’s determined to be a success there.”

Coupled with his growing frustration, additional reports suggest that Bale has been isolated in the Madrid dressing room because he cannot communicate with his teammates as he does not speak fluent Spanish.

Putting together these facts, it seems that Gareth Bale is indeed frustrated at Real Madrid and could be looking for a move back to England where he wona t have to live under the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo or be scrutinized by the incessant Spanish media. If Balea s agent made these comments, it is only sensible to assume that he had the playera s permission before speaking to the media.

With Manchester United and Chelsea reportedly keen to break the bank to sign Gareth Bale, could the Welshman be on his way out of Spain having spent just two years with his a dream cluba We will soon find out.