Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has once again taken an indirect jab at Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger ahead of the London derby.

The highly anticipated match will also mark a significant milestone for Arsene Wenger who will be in charge of Arsenal for the 1000th game. The Arsenal manager is perhaps the last of his breed, after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, and it today’s cutthroat world it would almost be unimaginable to think someone can repeat this feat in the near future. But Jose Mourinho took this opportunity to take another dig at Arsene Wenger and Arsenal’s failure to win titles in recent times, although this time he did it in a more subtle manner.

“I admire him and I admire Arsenal because it’s not possible to have 1000 matches unless the club is also a fantastic club in the way they support their manager in the bad moments – especially when the bad moments were quite a lot – so I admire the manager and I admire the club.

“I would like to reach 1000 but it’s very difficult, and in modern football it’s even more difficult. If I accumulate my first three-and-a-half years with Chelsea and this one I have a few!

“Let’s see if I can reach not 1000, I would say 500. That would be fantastic.” – The Chelsea manager said.

This comes after Mourinho had labelled Arsene Wenger “a specialist in failure” earlier this season and is certainly another devious attempt at mind games by the former Real Madrid manager. But Mourinho has more immediate concerns of his own to attend to after receiving a charge from the FA following his altercation with the referee at the end of the match against Aston Villa – a game which saw the Blues dropping points as Ramires and Willian were shown red cards. Mourinho insisted that he doesn’t accept the charges and will defend himself in front of the disciplinary committee.

“I don’t accept the charges. I have a meeting on Monday and I have to make my defence privately, not with you. For you it is enough to know for obvious reasons I don’t accept the charges.” – Mourinho added.

The Portuguese manager also played down the importance of this derby and insisted that it is no more important than the match against Aston Villa last week. Mourinho also did provide too much importance to the impressive personal record he holds against Arsene Wenger – a manager who is yet to beat him.

“It’s no more significant than the game last Saturday in Birmingham. It’s exactly the same significance; maybe a bit less now because of what happened last weekend. Last Saturday put us in a position where probably we wouldn’t be now, probably we would be with more points than we have now.

“We want to get the maximum points possible during the season and this is our objective game after game so if we can add three points to the ones we have now that would be good.

“The game is not coach against coach, it is team against team, it is Chelsea against Arsenal. I haven’t even played Arsenal with Inter or Madrid or Porto; I have only played Arsenal with Chelsea. Records don’t play any role.” – He said in the pre-match press conference.