English Premier League champions Manchester City‘s star player Yaya Toure admits his interest to play for Ligue1 Champions PSG after revealing his retirement hopes at FC Barcelona.

Ivory Coast star Yaya Toure is showing clear indications that his spell in English Premier League is nearing an end. The Manchester City play-maker, one of the best in the world, for the second time in this month has declared his admiration for another European club. Yaya Toure’s former club, FC Barcelona was the location of his interest earlier and now its French Ligue 1 champions PSG.

The Catalans are regarded as one of the best football clubs in the world, and the Ivorian was trying to buy a move out of Manchester City. It was his agent Dmitry Seluk who started the process and Yaya Toure added some spark with his remarks.

‘Yes, I have talked before about ending my career at Barcelona – but we don’t know because football is moving fast and you never know about tomorrow. Because of the brilliant season Manchester City have had, everybody is talking about me and everything is open and we don’t know tomorrow.’

Recent reports has suggested that FC Barcelona are not ready to Re-Sign Yaya Toure. Ivory Coast striker’s clever ploy of retiring at FC Barcelona hasn’t worked and now he has turned his attention towards French moneybags PSG. Manchester City midfielder is openly flirting with PSG with his latest remarks adding more spice to his intention of leaving the Etihad Stadium.

“Given the goals of Paris, how could you not be interested in a club like that? PSG have become one of the strongest teams in Europe. It would be a honour to one day play for a club like that. If I can be of service.”

His latest remarks can be seen as a double edged sword towards Manchester City. It may be a ploy to earn a better deal at the Etihad or else he is looking for a better package outside Premier League. When the interest grows in the play-maker, the City officials will be forced to accept his demands. If Manchester City aren’t willing to oblige, then Yaya Toure can force a move to PSG or any other lucrative destination.

Yaya Toure and his agent Dmitry, are also counting on the FIFA World Cup 2014 to increase his brand value.

“My agent, Dimitry, is hanging on the telephone and he knows what he has to do, I have complete confidence in him. Nobody knows what can happen tomorrow, my attention is on the World Cup and we will see afterwards.”

Yaya Toure is definitely looking for a better financial package. His periodical comments are looking like a pre-planned activity to increase his brand value and to earn a better package. Will Manchester City oblige to his demands or Is it going to be PSG or Barcelona?