UEFA to open disciplinary proceedings against Bayern Munich for the behaviour of their fans and an illicit banner during the second leg of their match against Arsenal FC.

Defending champions Bayern Munich knocked out Arsenal in their round-of-16 tie with an aggregate score of 3-1, after they drew with the Gunners in the second leg of this clash last night. But the German giants seemed to have run into trouble for the behaviour of certain section of the fans for two banners which was displayed during the game.

One of the banner read: “Say no to racism, yes to Kosovo”.  Kosovo played their first friendly last week against Haiti, but the match wasn’t deemed official as they are yet to be recognized by FIFA as a member nation. The above banner was in connection with the campaign to urge FIFA to recognize them and Bayern are likely to face disciplinary proceedings due to this.

The other banner that made a lot of noise, especially in social media was one that mocked Arsenal and Mesut Ozil. The banner which had the words “Gay Gunners”, featured Mesut Ozil with an Cannon, Arsenal’s emblem. UEFA spokesperson Pedro Pinto later tweeted that the governing body has received a complaint regarding the second banner from FARE and will look into the matter. He was confirmed that there was a later kick-off and the Bayern fans have been charged with “discriminatory behaviour”.

Later an official statement was released by UEFA which confirmed the above.

“Disciplinary proceedings have been opened against FC Bayern München for discriminatory behaviour of their supporters (Article 14 UEFA Disciplinary Regulations), display of an illicit banner (Article 16(2e) DR) and late kick-off (Article 11(2g) DR) at their UEFA Champions League round of 16 match against Arsenal FC, the 1-1 draw in Germany on Tuesday. The case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body on 20 March.” – Read the official statement.


Bayern Munich are likely to be fined heavily by the disciplinary committee. Celtic were fined 50,000 euros back in December under similar charges brought against them during their Champions League encounter game against AC Milan. The German club are yet to respond to these reports.