Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho defends Samuel Eto’o and feels Liverpool FC striker Luis Suarez should have been booked for diving.

Eto'o(c)english(dot)ahram(dot)org(dot)egWhile Brendan Rodgers was left fuming about Samuel Eto’o escaping punishment for a rash challenge on Jordan Henderson in the first half before he scored the winner, Jose Mourinho defended his player and took the blame on his shoulder. Eto’o grabbed the headlines for both the right and wrong reasons in the game as he was also involved in a late challenge on Luis Suarez in the box in the second half. The penalty wasn’t awarded, although replays showed that the former Barcelona forward did bring down the Uruguayan international.

But Jose Mourinho feels that it was Luis Suarez who should have been booked for “provoking” the situation. The Portuguese manager insisted that Eden Hazard was denied a penalty and expressed his hate for players who dive.

“I think there is another big case for a penalty on Hazard. Something is happening, week after week, I don’t know why referees don’t see it. He’s a fair boy and I don’t know why this is happening.

“On the other situation with Suarez I would resolve this differently with a yellow card for Luis Suarez. I keep saying I hate players trying to provoke situations. Luis is an amazing player and I have lots of respect for his quality and his attitude of trying to win every game but sometimes he tries too much.

“Eto’o just put his body in front of him. It looks like somebody shot him.

“He does everything to win and Brendan (Rodgers, the Liverpool manager) is doing a fantastic job on him because he’s changed. There’s no doubt that he’s changed.

“But when the situation is like this and you are losing comes the nature of the player, the wild nature of the player or the cultural nature of the player.

“Culturally people from that area (South America), they like it. It’s not also that area. There’s a corner in Europe where I belong to, that they also like (diving).” – The Chelsea manager said.

When he faced questions regarding Eto’o terrible challenge in the first half, Mourinho took the blame on his shoulders and insisted that it was he who had instructed Eto’o to be more physical in order to adapt to this league.

“I didn’t see it [The Henderson incident], I don’t know which situation you are referring to.

“For some weeks I have been criticizing him a lot internally for his failure to adapt to what the Premier League is in terms of physicality so if he had a tackle deserving of a card it was my fault because I’m asking him to adapt to this.” – Mourinho explained.

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