Arsenal FC forward Andrei Arshavin has reportedly signed for Azerbaijani football club Khazar Lankaran and is all set to become the highest paid footballer in the world.

Arsenal Transfer News - Andrei Arshavin Is Set To Become The Highest Paid Footballer

Yalchin Aliyev, a spokesman of Azerbaijan club Khazar, expressed the club’s desire to sign Arshavin back in March. He stated that the club had the financial power to make such a huge signing and support his wage. But despite that statement, Arshavin was believed to be heading back to Russia with his former club Zenit.

The 31-year-old, who signed for Arsenal back in 2008, made a bright start to his career at Arsenal, but has faded into oblivion in the past two seasons. But despite his poor form off-late, Arshavin has provided some of the most memorable moments for the fans in recent past – from his amazing performance against Liverpool, to scoring that winning goal against Barcelona in the Champions League – Arshavin has provided moments to cherish. In the past three seasons, the Russian international has made only 36 appearances in the league for the Gunners. Arsene Wenger it seemed has lost complete faith in his ability, although it must also be pointed out that Arshavin was often played out of position by the Arsenal manager, and that is what many believe, the prime reason behind his downfall.

But now it looks like Arshavin is about make grab the headlines once again, although not completely for footballing reasons. After the season ended, the Russian international thanked all the fans and the coaching stuff for their support – and it sounded more like a good bye message.


Reports in Russian media confirms that Arshavin is about sign a one year deal with for Azerbaijani football club Khazar Lankaran, with an option to extend at the end of it. But more astoundingly, reports suggest that the 31-year-old will be earning a wage of 2 million euros per month! To put it into perspective Lionel Messi earns around 1.6 million euros per month, while Samuel Eto’o (whose is all set to lose the crown of being the highest paid footballer in the world) earns close to 1.7 million euros per month. Although Arsenal are yet to confirm this move, Arshavin’s new club has already announced this signing in a press conference.

“Andrei Arshavin really officially signed for our club. We are pleased that our player joins the ranks with such an impressive track record, is considered one of the most talented players in Europe. Arshavin transition from the” Arsenal “in the” Khazar-Lankaran “has become a landmark event not only for the club but for the whole of the Azerbaijani championship. Hope that our cooperation will be fruitful. We are absolutely sure that Andrew has not yet said its last word in football [sic] “- said a source in the press conference of Khazar Lankaran.

While the figures involved in this move is mind boggling, in today’s footballing world it is hardly surprising. But the fact that Arshavin at this age will earning more than someone like Messi or Ronaldo is surprising to say the least. As of now, all of Arsenal fans are awaiting an official confirmation from the London club.