Manchester United have bought back their training kit sponsorship rights from DHL, while Arsenal are close to securing a new shirt deal with Adidas.

Manchester United Ends Sponsorship Deal With DHL

Manchester UnitedWhen United announced that they have signed a training kit sponsorship deal with DHL, back in 2010, worth £40million over four years, the sheer amount of money involved in this deal came as a shock for many. In fact most of the Premier League clubs (apart from the top six) don’t earn that much from sponsors of their actual kits.

But it seems that Manchester United are convinced of securing an even bigger sponsorship deal for their training kit. United officially announced that they have bought back the rights to sponsor their training kits from DHL and are confident of generating more revenue from this by exploring other options.

We have successfully negotiated an early buy-out of our training kit agreement with DHL effective 30 June 2013,” the club said. “DHL will then continue as our global logistics sponsor.

“The significantly increased value of agreements concluded since entering into this agreement, such as our recent $559 million world record shirt sponsorship with General Motors, leads us to believe that there should be strategic opportunities to further optimise the value of these rights.” – Read a statement from United.

This decisions comes at the back of mind boggling deal that United signed few days back with General Motors. The American company have agreed to pay a record amount to United in order to replace AON in 2014. The shirt sponsorship deal is worth $559m over seven years; more than double of what AON were paying until now. This deal smashed the earlier record held by Barcelona, who signed a $39.1m-a-year deal with Qatar Foundation in 2010. United will earn around $80m per year from the shirt sponsorship deal alone!

Arsenal Are About To Sign A New Deal With Adidas


Last Arsenal jersey manufactured by Adidas!

Arsenal are on the verge of nearly doubling their income from a new kit deal as Adidas are all set to replace Nike after the Gunners’ current deal expires in the 2013-14 season. In their present contract with Nike, Arsenal earns £13 million a year, but the new deal that they are about to sign with Adidas is said to worth around £25 million a year.

The last time Adidas manufactured Arsenal’s kit was back in 1993-94 season, after which Nike took over. Last season Adidas ended their deal with Liverpool after talks of an extension hit a stumbling block. The German company are also reportedly close to securing a deal with another London side, Fulham.

An Adidas employee tweeted yesterday saying “Adidas to become the new kit supplier of Arsenal Football Club as early as 2013/14. Partnership agreement is currently in the making.

Arsenal are currently the fifth highest shirt seller (an average of 800,000 Arsenal shirts are sold every year) in the world, behind Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool (third highest among Nike’s clients). If this deal is secured Arsenal will become joint top earner in England from kit manufacturer deal along with Liverpool.

  • Reece

    Arsenal do not earn 13mil from nike alone! we get 7 from nike and 5 from emirates. So this is more than triple the current rate for the shirt manufacturing sponsorship.


    Arsenal’s shirt deal with Emirates signed in Oct 2004 for 15 years for £100M. That’s £6.6M per year- compared to the new deal which Utd has secured with GM worth $80M PER YEAR!!