Tottenham Hotspurai??i??s Academy graduates have done well off late. Are they the much needed key to turn things around for the north London Club? 3o Million pounds to AS Roma, 26 Million to Valencia another 12 to FC Twente and 3 goals in 3 starts. Spurs fans around the world would know that these facts are all not attributing to the same players in the club. The first three numbers being heavy expenditures towards signings that havenai??i??t performed and the last one belongs to academy graduate Harry Kane who has made his manager proud of his decision. Tottenham Hotspur are shrugging of criticism after a heavy spending season which has yielded a result far worse than they produced last season. After parting ways with their best player Gareth Bale, the money they received was spent on some average players and some others who have turned average after their arrival. Of the new signings the only player who has shown promise […]