What makes a player give it all for his team? Ask any successful coach and the answer is simply ai???a happy bunch of players.ai??? Just like in any corporate environment, satisfaction of individual players plays a major role in the team scaling greater heights. And in any successful team, some are not quite content with the success. Some move on in search of newer challenges, some demand a better payslip for their contributions to the club and some are not happy with the role they are playing. Xherdan Shaqiri falls into the third category. The Swiss international is clearly not happy at Allianz Arena. It has been evident over the past few months. Both Guardiola and Bayern management expect Shaqiri to stay at the club but limited playing time is bound to make a quality player like him restless. It is worth questioning whether Bayern were right in signing him two years ago. Why was Shaqiri needed at Bayern? After […]