Bernardo Silva, Ricardo Pereira, Ivan Cavaleiro,Ai??Joao Mario and Ricardo Horta all scored for the Portuguese, who dominated from start to finish and thoroughly deserved their win, as Germany finished the match with 10 players and immense dejection. LosAi??EsperanAi??as, handedAi??Maanschaft it’s greatest competitive defeat at this level. Producing some outstanding individual talent, but never quite seem to make use of it during the international tournaments has long been Portugal’s shortcoming. What the Under-21 team displayed against Germany however, was a productAi??of a cohesion, and machine like precision- something their senior team desperately lacks. Portugal opened the scoring with a Ai??gorgeous piece of link-up play from central midfield,Ai??culminating in Bernardo Silva getting enough room inside Germany’s box and easing it to the near post past Barcelona’s Ter Stegen. LosAi??EsperanAi??asAi??followed their fast start with two more goals. Ricardo Pereira slotted in the ball from two yards, while Benfica’sAi??Ivan Cavaleiro, placed the ball straight into Ter-Stegen’s top corner after a beautiful cross fromAi??JoA?o MA?rio […]

No Country For Young Men

Italy is not a place for the youth. Italy, considered a powerhouse in World football, are now on the wane, following a string of indifferent performances at the club and national level. TheHardTackle's Nikhil Taneja reckons that the current youth policy is one of the main reasons for this downfall, and explores why.