The Champions League round of 16 kicks off on February 15th, with four exciting matches on the cards in midweek. TheHardTackle's Guest Author Parth Pandya gives a comprehensive preview of the teams that are scheduled to play this week.

UCL Preview Matchday 4 – Groups A, B, C, and D

After an exciting Matchday 3 that was filled with loads of goals and action, Champions league returns on tuesday and one can expect many more twists and turns. Here we look at what can be expected on day 1 of Matchday 4 for Groups A,B,C and D.

As Chelsea resumes its pursuit of Champions League later tonight, TheHardTackle takes a look at this captivating and heart-breaking story. Despite coming excruciatingly close on as many as five occasions, the Stamford Bridge club has failed to win the trophy. Will this season by any different?

Green And Gold Till The Club Is Sold

Wondering why Old Trafford is a river of Green & Gold these days and not a sea of red? Wondering why the fans are up in protest against the owners? TheHardTackle's guest author Ashish Batra answers all of your basic questions as he explains the current financial turmoil at Manchester United and the fans' anger...