As the premier division of football in India completes twelve rounds,Ai??pundits and fans would second theAi??fact that it has certainly popped up a lot surprises along the way.Ai??With aAi??number of big names inAi??Indian football failing to impress,Ai??teams with better planningAi??and strategy have come up withAi??the winning cards. As the roller-coasterAi??ride continues in furtherAi??rounds, lets have a lookAi??at something relevant. Something which ends up being unnoticed among the fans as the foreign players hog all the glory and limelight. The five most influential U-23 players which can end up donning the senior national jersey very soon. Nikhil Kadam ( Pune FC ) The twenty year old midfilder has impressed a lot of Red Lizards faithful with his stint in the I-league so far.Ai?? He is the first player whoAi??has managed to progress throughAi??ranks from being a ball boy during the debut season of the club to the Pune FC academy and eventually getting a contract with the senior team for the […]