The Asturian coach signs a two-year extension to his current contract, ending fierce speculation regarding his future at the club. In a big coup pulled off by club president Josep Maria Bartomeu, Enrique, as well as his coaching staff, penned their commitment to the club for the foreseeable future. In a space of twelve months, Enrique has taken Barca from trophy-less to a treble, and brought the Spanish giants back to the apex of European football. With Enrique remarking that he was uncertain about his future as recently as the Champions League Final, alarm bells were sounding on full-volume throughout the club. The thought of losing their manager, after leading them to a successful treble in his first year, would’ve been a PR nightmare, that the club wanted to avoid at all costs. The press had not been kind to Enrique during the first half of the season. His perplexing policy of rotation, and benching of club star Lionel Messi, […]

UEFA Champions League FINAL: Mourinho Takes On Mentor Van Gaal At Madrid

It's the stuff of legends. The master identifies a young, precocious talent and spurs him on toward great things. Years pass, and their paths cross again - but this time, both master and disciple are on opposite sides. Has the disciple superseded the master in the art, or does the master possess one final trick up his sleeve? Join TheHardTackle as we look at what could happen when van Gaal meets Mourinho in Madrid.