According to Italian news source, DiMarzio, Manchester United have made an initial bid of a 15 Million to sign the Italian right back. Despite initial interest from Barcelona, United look poised to make an astute signing of the Italian international as they seek permanence at the Right-Back slot. . Having contended with a whole host of names at right back, like Jones, Smalling, Rafael, McNair and Valencia. Manchester United are now seeking to add proven quality at right back, in the form of Darmian. Arguably one of the best right-backs in both the Serie-A and Italy, Darmian has plied his trade at Torino for the past four seasons. In those five years, Darmian has become a more complete and lethal full back, with the versatility to play anywhere across and back line, a quality that will fit in with van Gaal’s demands quite nicely. At 25, he is hitting the peak age for most defenders. While England might prove a […]

The group stage of the Champions League and Europa League concluded with all the six Serie A teams advancing to the knockout stages. AS Roma finished third in their group and as a result were a relegateda to Europea s second tier competition, the Europa League. While the exit was definitely a disappointment, for the sake of Italya s coefficient it could be a blessing. A move down to the Europa League will not yield the same financial package or prestige rewards but it presents an opportunity to improve their club ranking which might allow them to move from Pot 4 to 3 or maybe even 2. The other benefit if they go deep into the competition is that it will yield more co-efficient points. Portugal surpassed Italy briefly for one year which in turn gave them better seeding for the draws this term, however the way the ranking system works, Italy will return to number four at the end […]