Tottenhamai??i??s Striking Department has been below par over the last two seasons. The new academy graduate as well as one of the following five players may help Spurs to gain the coveted top 4 finish. From Sheringham and Klinsman to Defoe and Keane, Tottenham have always boasted of a threatening striking partnership amongst their ranks. However, in the last two season the Spurs striking department is but a shade of its former days. A Togolese who is often criticised for playing only when in need of a contract and a Spaniard who is as comfortable in the league as walrus in a straight jacket make up the current Tottenham attack. With Harry Kane yet to find his first start in the Premier League (which may come in the Aston Villa game), Tottenham really need a scoring striker if they wish to compete against the top clubs in the Premier League. Hurrikane Harry Kane, the Tottenham academy graduate came into light […]

Inter have reduced the gap between themselves and Milan to just 5 points after beating Fiorentina. Now, they face Cagliari and can go to within 2 points before Milan play. Read on for all the team news and predictions.