Arsenalai??i??s minority shareholders are believed to be preparing a tough list of questions for majority owner Stan Kroenke over a A?3m payment from the club to his holding company. Kroenke bought a majority of Arsenal shares in 2011 in a A?731 million deal. The payment is believed to have been made to Kroenkeai??i??s company for advisory services. Along with that payment, questions will also be raised regarding the fate of the Fanshare scheme and ongoing issues over player recruitment. According to the Guardian, among the list of questions submitted by the minority shareholders, they will ask: ai???Was a competitive tender issued for these services and can you tell us specifically what the services were, why they were needed and whether such fees will become an annual feature?ai??? The club fans are also concerned that a data-analytics company bought by the club in 2012 could be providing services to other KSE (Kroenke Sports & Entertainment) companies without receiving proper compensation, affecting […]

It's been a busy first week for European football, with Mourinho winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine and David De Gea narrowly being spared the wrath of Ferguson's boot after United's most prolific scorer got them the winner.