. With the United Striker putting the finishing touches on a move to Fenerbahce, we take a look at the impact the Flying Dutchman left behind in England. When one thinks of Robin Van Persie, a few terms come to mind; Genius, Maestro, Predator, Game-changer and Winner. Or if youa re an Arsenal fan, the words would most likely be replaced with Traitor, Sell-out, Turncoat, Defector and Scoundrel. For better or worse, Robin Van Persiea s memory in England will always be viewed through the prism of his move from Arsenal to Manchester United. To give a recap of his controversial transfer, the story went something like this. Once upon a time, a Little Boy came to England from a Dutch Football Club to sign for one of the Top clubs in the Country, the team that had just won the English Premier League without losing a single game and been dubbed a The Invinciblesa . He had displayed prodigious […]