He may be retired from the pitch, but Brazilian legend Pele is always in the news because of his statements off it. Pele, who is often referred to as the greatest ever footballers to grace the beautiful game, seems to agree with that hypothesis himself. Over the course of a sensational career, he scored more than 1,000 goals and has often been asked if there is a ‘Next Pele’ whenever there’s a Brazilian forward who is doing well. The latest player to be mentioned in that category is Barcelona forward Neymar. A host of stars including the great Ronaldo and Romario have been touted as the ‘Next Peles’ themselves, but have never been able to get close to Pele’s tally of 77 goals for the national team. Romario, however, believes that Neymar would break Pele’s record by the end of his career. Nevertheless, the legend himself feels that there will never be a player who will come close to breaking […]