In the history of football, there has been millions of transfers. But when a favorite player goes from a club to its fiercest rival, it generates a lot of heat and mixed emotions. We, at TheHardTackle, take a look back at some of the most exciting transfers between AC Milan and their fiercest rival, Internazionale.

One of the finest footballers to have come out of the peninsula, Roberto Baggio was an icon during his playing days. With dazzling performances for both club and country, he created a new generation of Azzuri fans. On his birthday, theHardTackle plays a tribute to the divine ponytail.

Giampiero Boniperti and Alessandro Del Piero are both legendary 'number ten's for Juventus. Both have served the club long times while overseeing some of the most glorious times at Turin. This is a tribute to two players who represent everything special about The Old Lady.

The art of playing football is entirely different in Italy when compared to other countries; it is stylish and cunning at the same time and these art forms in the game are known as Fantasia and Furbizia; the two ingredients of Italian football that make it exquisite.