Table toppers Real Madrid ensured that they will go into the Clasico next week with a 3 point lead and a game in hand by overcoming a potentially tricky match away against Sporting Gijon. The hosts were beaten 0-3 with the all whites getting all 3 points although they did struggle at first against a stubborn Gijon defense led by the Catalonian Alberto Botia. In the end, Madrid broke the resistance with goals from Angel Di Maria, Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo. In what turned out to be an ill tempered match, the referee was generous with his cards and Gijonai??i??s number 8 Sebastian Eguren collected two yellows and hence saw red. Current champions FC Barcelona were facing what could have been a tough match against Levante at home but the Catalans controlled the match from the start, with the minnows from Valencia lucky to have conceded only 5 goals. Cesc Fabregas proved his worth with a brace and a goal […]

In recent weeks, and indeed since the Supercopa clashes between Barcelona and Real Madrid (at the beginning of the season), the Spanish and international media has had a tendency to sound a bit like a broken tape recorder, with the same thing being repeated again and again. The main points of this tiresome media narrative are: Ai??Jose Mourinho’s teams are better in the second year. Ai??Real Madrid have improved (as witnessed by the Spanish Supercopa matches) and will usurp the league this time around. But let’s examine these statements and their true worth. It is a fact that JosAi?? Mourinho’s teams are better in the second year. You just have to look into the Special One’s performances when he was manager of Porto, Chelsea and Inter to realize thsi. With FC Porto, it was said that Mourinho’s first conversation with the team went along the lines of promises that were stated like events that had already occurred. Something along the […]