When the knockout draws for Champions League were made, one fixture stood out alongwith Milan versus Arsenal; that was Chelsea's face-off against Napoli. In the round of 16 encounters, Chelsea, Madrid, Bayern and Inter travel away from home to play the first leg. TheHardTackle previews the matches about to kick-off.

The English Premier League is considered by many as the best league in Europe and yet, if one were to look at the squads of some of the bigger clubs in England, you get the feeling that the major stars are predominantly foreigners. Two of Europeai??i??s top 5 leagues stand out for their ability to produce talent through their youth systems on a consistent basis: Spainai??i??s La Liga and Germanyai??i??s Bundesliga. However, since the Premier League isAi??unarguablyAi??the largest football league in the world (at least financially) and the country itself is the birthplace of the sport in almost every aspect (from its Football Association to the oldest club in the world), basic logic suggests that England should be producing world class talent on a consistent basis, but somehow that is not the case. The question is why? And why are Spain and Germany so successful in that department? In fact, right now, even the Portuguese and French leagues develop talent […]